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About Us


Project Blue Drop initially started in June 2019 and was incorporated in early May 2020. This non-profit began with a wish to do something helpful and sustainable in a way that uplifts local and international communities, no matter the scope.


We believe that clean, accessible drinking water is a human right. In the 21st century, no person should die due to the lack of access to such bare necessities. Especially when we have the means to make water insecurity a historic issue. PBD was incorporated with the goal of helping grassroots organizations that are permanently breaking down these barriers to clean water access through their partnerships with affected communities. 

With the world becoming smaller due to globalization and increasingly accessible through the internet, we wanted PBD to integrate both the virtual and in-person aspects of fundraising and advocacy. We wanted to be part of this community where values and ethical standards of activism are paramount.


Every initiative we fundraise for ensures that the people we aspire to help are treated with the respect and autonomy they deserve. We believe that the best way to positively make a difference is by listening. Listening to people and learning about what they need. We are on a journey to support grassroots that actively listen to the communities where they implement sustainable water interventions. 


Our organization is made of diverse cultures, experiences and outlooks, all of which make us stronger and more passionate to do something positive, no matter how small. We believe in ripples, small ones can grow to make the biggest disruptions in steady waters of the status quo. Would you like to help us or become a part of our initiative? Click here to check the current hiring and other involvement posts to start! 

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