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Water      Verse



shruti swami

Your omnipotent presence

Surging and coursing through the womb of Gaea,

persevered for eons, life-giving idea

In a recent flash throughout your eternal timeless existence,

A dark shadow of selfish intent stole your innocence

Raping the metaphorical grace you carried,

Slowly poisoning your cherished essence, truly sullied

Still you stand, grand and giving,

for those that are greedy and grieving

The new blood promises to atone the sins of the past

We repent for forgiveness at last


jesman punian

Here is to the days you feel helpless

As if the world is spinning in circles 

And nothing is within your control 

When you feel like all hope is lost

And wonder if it is worth it to carry on.

Here is to the days when you question your purpose 

When nothing in the world seems to make sense 

And you can’t help but wonder why god put you in this mess. 

Here is to the days when you doubt your faith 

When that shadow of your own doubt doesn’t stop following you around 

So you pray for the clouds to dissipate

For the sun to shine bright

Vanishing your shadow of doubt 

Instead it starts to rain 

And you can’t help but drown in a pool of your doubt

Suffocating with your own pain 

Numbing your soul that you no longer cry for help. 

Here is to the days when you feel like all hope is lost. 

Here is to the days when you almost stop 


Here is to the days 

The days you somehow manage to get through 

The days you realize the strength of your own mind 

The days of growth. 

Here is to the days 

Which make you human 


jesman punian​

Ever heard of the sound of oil dripping from your water tap?
Ever seen bacteria grow a family as you take a sip from your water cup?
Ever wondered if your next bath would leave you with an aching rash?
Ever rubbed your tongue to the roof of your mouth - even saliva tastes better than the brown pigmented liquid
or what you call: water.
Ever have to contemplate whether or not the water you give to your baby is safe?
Not like you have many choices anyways
To drink or not to drink
The risk of thirst
The risk of dying
The risk is yours
Choose your poison wisely.
But during all this, you must not blame the government
Afterall, they have invested billions
Money is the solution to all your problems
You just need to remain patient
Let them sign the contractors that know nothing about you or your family
As they attempt to put a band-aid on your oil dripping water fountain
And then publish statistics on all of their accomplishments

And only a few months later, your band-aid has come unstuck.

Ever wonder what it's like to drink water from a band-aid solution for 25 years?

Your daughter

Your grand-daughter

All have been drinking the same promises
They promise,
They are working on it
Sorry there have been some delays: please patiently evacuate your homes

But do not make any noise -can’t let the neighbouring countries know.

Ever lived in the country of the free
Where everybody has the right to speak
The right to dream
The right to believe
Except for you.
Ever been a country’s hidden secret?

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james del rosario

have you heard
about the pencil that freed your mind in a time where you lay dormant unwilling to fight for mankind
the pencil that spoke the
nothing more
something real and when
you reach the core
find meaning and rawness
like the pencil spoke to you
took the youth’s dormant headspace and awakened in the youth
a fire the pencil could feel
a fire the pencil could sense
but couldn’t see
because to pimp a butterfly
is to re-form, benefit and gain
but what you lose is everything
just for a little fame
your visions aren’t aligned
when the butterfly you pimped
is yourself, your love, your life
that fire starts to dim


so when I look at society
and this is all I see
I see a mass genocide
of the beauty the pencil feeds


the pencil isn’t the hero
but the pencil spoke its mind
it said you dwell in newfound pleasure as you lose the art of mind
the pencil doesn’t mean anything
if you don’t want to speak
look around and see the chaos
our people don’t find bleak
and see the pencil’s worth
is of the essence
and when the pencil speaks its mind we listen


so tell me
what did the pencil say

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