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Clean water and sanitation are basic human rights.
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Passionate advocates creating striking pieces of art for sale to power water security.

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Opinion pieces that unapologetically challenge the status quo of world issues.  

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Our efforts to help grassroots in making real world impact on water security.


Strong opinions, emotions and values captured through a few succinct words of poetry.

Image by Anastasia Taioglou
Why should YOU care about the clean water crisis?

The water crisis is possibly the most important aspect of minimizing the life disparity of humanity. From having access to clean drinking water to having water for farming nutritional produce, water is an essential catalyst for progress. We believe that, in the 21st century, water should not be a luxury. It should be seen as a basic human right. The current statistics are glaringly concerning, from famines, poverty, lack of sanitation, even illiteracy, are all exacerbated by the root issue of the Clean Water Crisis. As a global community we should come together to eradicate this water insecurity so that the worrying statistics below can become history.

We need to care.

2.2 Billion People lack access to safe drinking water services.

4.2 Billion people lack access to sanitation.

200 Million women and children spend hours a day in search of clean water.

266 Million hours EVERY DAY spent by girls looking for water.

By 2030,

700 Million

 people will be displaced due to water insecurity.

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